Members of the RCL group, supervised by Dr. Dani, regularly participates in the following outreach activities at the University of Connecticut.

1. Visit Robotics and Controls Lab@Uconn for latest Educational Videos on our Research

2. Mentor for Advanced Research Mentorship Program (Student: Tanisha Mitra, Glastonbury High, Year: 2019-2020)

3. daVinci Robotics Workshop at UConn

Robots: Use in Industry and Elderly Assistance

RCL group participates in the daVinci program at UConn. The daVinci program invites K-12 school teachers from all over the United States to UConn campus every summer to provide them training and information. Teachers take the information back to the their classroom to improve and update their curriculum. Sometimes they connect their students to the workshop location to online learn the new exciting stuff about robotics. RCL has been offering a robotics workshop since Summer 2015. After 2 exciting years and encouragement from the participating teachers, we will be organizing a robotics workshop this year too! Find out more about daVinci here.

Summer 2017

For more information about the workshop, click here.

Summer 2015-16

Pictures from previous workshops where the teachers’ developed Lego robots and associated programs using the skills acquired in the robotics workshop. The demonstration of the robots built by teachers, along with the presentation of their take-away at the end of the workshop, in front of all the other teachers who were involved in the daVinci program.

3. FIRST Robotics Alumni Group at UConn

Dr. Dani is advising a FIRST robotics alumni student group at the University of Connecticut. The student group consists of undergraduate students who participated in FIRST robotics competitions during their high school years. The alumni group is mentoring the E.O. Smith school FIRST robotics team #3555 for the competition headed by Dr. C. Granger at E. O. Smith high school. Visit here.

4. E2K Program Participation at UConn

RCL group participated in lab demonstrations of the UConn School of Engineering’s E2K program during Summer 2017. The group demonstrated various robotic applications including shape drawing using Baxter robot. The program is intended to showcase engineering education to high school seniors for increasing their participation and interest in engineering and STEM program.

5. KASET- Kids are Scientists & Engineers Too Program at UConn

RCL group has been a part of the Robotics workshop of the KASET program at UConn during Summer 2016.